Auto Remarketing has published their annual “Top 100 Used Car Dealers – Franchised Edition“, which ranks the franchised dealerships with the largest volume used car operations (click below for this list of dealers).

Biggest 100 Used Car Dealers - Franchised Dealers Only

If you happen to have a store in one of these dealers’ markets, trying to compete with them can be daunting. These dealers didn’t get on this list by chance – each of them has their used car operations (acquisition, pricing, wholesale disposal) dialed-in and optimized.

To compete with these big guys, a good place to start is understanding your market share vs. your local competition, and how you stack up.

CompetitorPro Dealership Market Share of Sales

If you find that you continue to lose used car market share to the competition, then you need to dig one level deeper to understand why.

You might want to look at the inventory aging profiles of your store vs. the dominant competitor. This might help you see if they have a different philosophy and discipline around their used car operations — specific to vehicle aging. Do they have a strict rule about disposing of their used inventory after 30 or 45 days? Do you have a challenge with aged units that they don’t have, due to differences in aged inventory discipline?

CompetitorPro Inventory Aging Comparison

Next, you might look at the relative attractiveness of your used inventory vs. the competitor’s inventory. Comparing Market Days Supply buckets should help you understand if your competitor is stocking more attractive units (as measured by local market supply/demand) than your store.

CompetitorPro Inventory Days Supply Comparison

Next, you can compare how your two stores price used cars.

CompetitorPro Inventory Pricing Bucket Comparison

What percentage of your units are priced over 110% of market? How does this compare to your competitor? How aggressively does your competitor decrease price as vehicles age on their lot? How does this compare to your store?

One level deeper, you can start to compare what the competitor has sold that you’ve never stocked, looking for unique vehicles that they’ve found that are a “sweet spot” in your local market.

CompetitorPro Recommended Vehicles to Stock

Once you’ve identified specific vehicles that they’re stocking and selling that you’re not, you should go one level deeper to understand the attributes (Trims, Colors, etc.) that are selling the best in your local market. This should lead to some revelations about which specific vehicles to stock to outperform your competitors.

CompetitorPro Days to Sell Influencers

With visibility into your local market share and what your market’s top performers are doing, your used car team will have better knowledge of the inner-workings of your competitors, what they’re stocking, and how they’re pricing.

Being armed with this information will allow you to build both strategy and tactics to increase the health of your used car operations and take back market share from the biggest players in your local market.

For more information on this type of approach to diagnosing your performance vs. the competition, check out CompetitorPro.


Top 100 Used Car Dealers – Franchised Edition

  1. Ricart Ford (7,926 units sold)
  2. Dan Cummins Chevrolet (5,782 units sold)
  3. Cavender Toyota (5,613 units sold)
  4. Sundance Chevrolet (5,003 units sold)
  5. Al Serra Inc. (4,790 units sold)
  6. Oxmoor Automotive (4,716 units sold)
  7. Charles Maund Automotive (4,417 units sold)
  8. Wilde Toyota (4,199 units sold)
  9. Dick Hannah Auto Mall (4,189 units sold)
  10. Mossy Nissan (4,092 units sold)
  11. Red McCombs Auto Ctr (4,068 units sold)
  12. Longo Toyota (3,878 units sold)
  13. Don McGill Toyota of Katy (3,757 units sold)
  14. Suburban Ford of Sterling Heights (3,753 units sold)
  15. Yark Automotive Group (3,732 units sold)
  16. Van Devere Buick (3,687 units sold)
  17. Toyota Direct (3,619 units sold)
  18. Holiday Auto & Truck (3,547 units sold)
  19. Sewell Lexus (3,519 units sold)
  20. Lone Star Chevrolet (3,498 units sold)
  21. Audi Tacoma/Porsche of Tacoma (3,495 units sold)
  22. Zimbrick Inc. (3,467 units sold)
  23. Green Hyundai Lincoln Mazda (3,407 units sold)
  24. North Park Lincoln (3,371 units sold)
  25. Fred Haas Toyota World (3,324 units sold)
  26. Leif Johnson Ford (3,287 units sold)
  27. Toyota Hyundai of Pharr (3,284 units sold)
  28. Wilde Honda Cars (3,267 units sold)
  29. Fred Martin Superstore (3,177 units sold)
  30. Mac Churchill Acura (3,161 units sold)
  31. Toyota of Boerne (3,160 units sold)
  32. Jake Sweeney Chevrolet Imports (3,124 units sold)
  33. Motor Werks of Barrington (3,123 units sold)
  34. Sterling McCall Toyota (3,122 units sold)
  35. Pollard Friendly Ford Co (3,099 units sold)
  36. Kingdom Chevrolet (3,096 units sold)
  37. Good Chevrolet (3,088 units sold)
  38. Joe Machens Ford (3,046 units sold)
  39. Joe Myers Toyota (3,035 units sold)
  40. Dick Poe Motors (3,034 units sold)
  41. Beck & Masten Buick GMC (3,018 units sold)
  42. North Park Lexus (2,977 units sold)
  43. Lindsay Honda (2,969 units sold)
  44. Capital Ford (2,964 units sold)
  45. Harris Mitsubishi (2,958 units sold)
  46. Greenway Ford (2,920 units sold)
  47. Jeff Wyler Eastgate Automall (2,918 units sold)
  48. Toyota of Dallas (2,915 units sold)
  49. Jerry’s GM (2,880 units sold)
  50. Toyota of Richardson (2,857 units sold)
  51. Scott Clark’s Toyota City (2,856 units sold)
  52. Kings Toyota (2,845 units sold)
  53. Universal Toyota (2,843 units sold)
  54. Bluebonnet Motors (2,825 units sold)
  55. Brandon Ford (2,817 units sold)
  56. Steve Landers Toyota (2,812 units sold)
  57. Al Hendrickson Toyota (2,809 units sold)
  58. Munday Chevrolet (2,796 units sold)
  59. Germain Honda of Dublin (2,792 units sold)
  60. Kendall Toyota (2,751 units sold)
  61. Everett Buick GMC (2,751 units sold)
  62. Universal Nissan (2,750 units sold)
  63. Arlington Toyota (2,703 units sold)
  64. Toyota of Naperville (2,681 units sold)
  65. Arbogast Buick GMC (2,673 units sold)
  66. Roseville Toyota (2,661 units sold)
  67. Michaels Toyota (2,661 units sold)
  68. Mercedes-Benz of Houston (2,595 units sold)
  69. South Motors Company of Dade (2,592 units sold)
  70. Street Toyota (2,591 units sold)
  71. Covert Buick (2,571 units sold)
  72. Andy Mohr Chevrolet (2,558 units sold)
  73. Mountain State Toyota (2,557 units sold)
  74. Automax Hyundai VW Mitsubishi (2,548 units sold)
  75. Leith Inc. (2,538 units sold)
  76. Hare Chevrolet (2,528 units sold)
  77. AutoNation Auto Group Spokane Valley (2,518 units sold)
  78. Trophy Nissan (2,512 units sold)
  79. Regal GMC (2,497 units sold)
  80. Jon Lancaster Inc. (2,474 units sold)
  81. Peters Chevrolet Chrysler (2,447 units sold)
  82. Freeman Toyota (2,440 units sold)
  83. Honda of Marysville (2,349 units sold)
  84. Gillman Imports of San Antonio (2,404 units sold)
  85. Central Florida Toyota (2,392 units sold)
  86. AutoNation Toyota Arapahoe (2,388 units sold)
  87. Roy Robinson Chevrolet (2,381 units sold)
  88. Mac Haik Southway Ford (2,380 unit sold)
  89. Norm Reeves Honda Superstore (2,375 units sold)
  90. Dorsch Ford Lincoln Kia (2,372 units sold)
  91. Classic Tyler Motors (2,367 units sold)
  92. Williams Chevrolet (2,362 units sold)
  93. David McDavid Ford (2,356 units sold)
  94. Smart Toyota (2,352 units sold)
  95. Vandergriff Toyota (2,344 units sold)
  96. Classic Chevrolet (2,341 units sold)
  97. Audi Bellevue (2,334 units sold)
  98. Sunset Chevrolet (2,315 units sold)
  99. Momentum BMW (2,314 units sold)
  100. Toyota of Plano (2,310 units sold)