How do you know if you’re doing well in your local market?

Are you gaining or losing market share locally?

How do you stay ahead of your competition?

To be successful in the highly competitive car business, dealers must know their local market and their competitors. The best measure of any company’s performance has always been the market and how they’re performing in comparison.

For example, being 20% off last year is only a bad job if the market’s off 10%.

Dealers need a quick and efficient way of understanding if they do have a problem, and what they can do to fix it:

  1. Diagnose how you are doing: measure your market share over time
  2. What should I be doing: are you suffering from a stocking, ordering or pricing issue?
  3. What results should I expect? More sales, increasing market share, more profit, increased overall health of your store

CompetitorPro provides dealers with competitive insights that help drive more profit.

What do we do?

  • Help you understand how you’re performing in your local market
  • Identify the top opportunities for improvement

What do we solve?

  • Stock the right cars to meet local consumer demand
  • Don’t overpay when you acquire inventory
  • Price and reprice as market supply/demand changes


  • Get the right consumers into your showroom
  • Increase sales
  • Increase market share
  • Support more margin per unit sold
  • Turn inventory quicker
  • Drive more profit


CompetitorPro provides dealers with a clear picture of the vehicles moving in their local market to help them stock and rebalance their inventory accordingly. The data is real-time and accurate, and the insights help dealers run their operations successfully.

To outperform your competition and grow sales, revenue and profit, you need to know exactly what’s happening in your market right now. With CompetitorPro, you’ll have access to the industry’s most powerful live market data, so you can price and appraise more competitively and efficiently. You can start selling cars more quickly, earning more profit and growing your business.