ATLANTA, Jan. 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — CompetitorPro, the first competitive intelligence software built specifically for auto dealerships, announced today exclusive territory protection for the first 200 dealers who visit Booth 5607 at the NADA Convention & Expo next week and subscribe.

“Until now, dealers haven’t had a product like CompetitorPro that provides accurate and real-time benchmarks comparing their performance to top competitors, including inventory, sales, pricing, web metrics, and advertising,” said Founder and CEO Steve Greenfield.

“We want the first 200 early adopter dealers who sign up with CompetitorPro at Booth 5607 at NADA ’17 to enjoy unique and distinctive exclusivity over their top two competitors,” he said.

CompetitorPro analyzes competitive dealerships and shows subscribers:

  • How their store is performing vs. specific, local competitors.
  • Insights into which specific vehicles their competitors are stocking and selling that they are not.
  • Which competitors are driving more (and higher quality) website traffic, and what they can do about it.

The U.S. automotive landscape is very competitive: 2,500 dealerships have more than 10 same-brand competitors within a 20-mile radius. Except for very rural operators, most dealerships have many local competitors. They compete aggressively, whether with same-brand stores or with other make retailers.

“Having clear visibility into competitors’ metrics has always challenged dealers’ success at benchmarking the performance of their stores against their main competition,” Greenfield said. “Now CompetitorPro gives dealers actionable insights for outmaneuvering their competition.”

Dealers should drop by CompetitorPro’s booth at NADA for a complimentary analysis that will reveal:

  1. New vehicle sales and inventory vs. specific local competitors
  2. Used vehicle sales and inventory vs. competitors
  3. Website traffic vs. competitors

The first 200 visitors to Booth 5607 at NADA and who subscribe will block CompetitorPro from selling the product to two competitors of their choice. Visit now for a demo. For more information, contact Steve Greenfield at (470) 223-0227.