What if the playing field was so foggy that you couldn’t see the competition? How effective would your team be?

Running a dealership is hard — and pressures are only expected to get worse in the future. Dealers are facing unprecedented profit margin compression, much of it from forces beyond their control:

  • OEM addiction to sales-based “stair-step” incentives
  • Product proliferation, and too many different make/model/trims to keep up with
  • A confusing landscape of different technology and marketing products
  • Regulators’ crackdown on advertising and lending violations
  • The internet providing consumers with more transparent information about every element of the car deal
  • Third-party lead providers intervening between retailers and their customers
  • Large dealership groups’ huge technology investments, and the challenge for small groups and single rooftop dealers to keep up
  • Smart competitors using software tools to optimize operational decisions

Dealers Need Help

While OEM reporting on new car market share has improved, dealers are still largely operating in the dark when it comes to how their operating metrics compare to those of direct, local competitors.

There are more “market based” software tools available today, but these don’t provide a dealer with the ability to monitor specific competitors and identify areas of weakness that need improving.

The current  situation is not dissimilar from trying to manage a sports team in the fog.

The Solution

How can we clear the fog to ensure dealerships can compete on a level playing field?

The time has come for dealers to have a better way to monitor local competition, identify performance gaps, and come up with a game plan to close these gaps and surpass their competitors.

Dealerships need a way to better identify how they’re performing vs. the best dealers in their market and how they can improve to beat the competition.

Such a solution needs to be automated to make it very simple for the dealer, and alert them only if/when they need to be paying attention to being outmaneuvered.

Don’t force your team to operate on a foggy playing field. Lift the fog and understand how your competition is performing, so you can create a winning strategy.

About CompetitorPro

CompetitorPro is the industry’s first competitive intelligence tool built specifically for automotive dealerships.

As dealers look for ways to compete more effectively, advanced competitive intelligence solutions provide accuracy, analytics, and actionable recommendations that are missing in the market today. CompetitorPro’s competitive intelligence solutions utilize complex algorithms that summarize insights so dealers can perform at the highest level of effectiveness in today’s dynamic marketplace.

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