“Retailers today need every technological advantage they can get to track competitors’ pricing and assortment in real time.”
– Kevin Sterneckert, EVP Marketing, Predictix


The accelerating pace of industry change means automotive dealerships are increasingly challenged to keep up.

It can be a lot of work to stay on top of all your competitors, but it pays dividends to understand the moves they’re making.

To outperform competitors, dealers need clear visibility into their operating metrics, and actionable intelligence that can enable them to win in their local market.

One of the purposes of using sophisticated competitive intelligence software is to know what’s going on in the marketplace, what’s going on with your competition and to help you act to win.

The Speed of Change

About CompetitorPro

CompetitorPro is the industry’s first competitive intelligence tool built specifically for automotive dealerships.

As dealers look for ways to compete more effectively, advanced competitive intelligence solutions provide accuracy, analytics and actionable recommendations missing in the market today. CompetitorPro’s competitive intelligence solutions utilize complex algorithms that summarize insights so dealers can perform at the highest level of effectiveness in today’s dynamic marketplace.

It’s not just having competitive intelligence…it’s what you do with that knowledge that counts. Let us show you how you can keep on top of the competition in 5 minutes a week with our automated dashboard and alerts.

It’s getting harder out there, and today’s automotive dealer must have the latest and best strategy, tools and tactics for success. CompetitorPro is that solution.